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Motherhood Is Anotherhood

Motherhood Is Anotherhood

A poem for all moms on Mother’s Day.

Motherhood Is Anotherhood

Motherhood is anotherhood, turned outward on others;
Not perfection or fulfillment, not to fill up you mothers.
You give and you bless;
You love in the mess.
Every day is a choice to give up your druthers.

Motherhood is anotherhood, from each generation on,
For what you receive you will largely pass on.
And that’s not your perfection
(though maybe skill in confection)
But the quiet gentle spirit to keep fighting on.

Motherhood is anotherhood, filled with laughter and joys.
There are glorious moments with those girls and those boys,
Where love overflows
And everyone knows
That momming is better than all the world’s toys.

Motherhood is anotherhood; the pouring never ends;
And yet these little ones seem to be becoming your friends.
But friendship is tough,
So broken and rough
Still perhaps there is more that will come down the bend.

Motherhood is anotherhood, for those who are lost;
It usually feels too great is the cost
To love those who hate,
Who know only to take,
The ones who need hope when by storms they’ve been tossed.

Motherhood is anotherhood, a life filled with tears,
For love that is given and receives only jeers.
But to God time is short
And I’m glad to report
You’ll be crowned with joy amidst angels’ cheers.

Motherhood is Anotherhood, Who perfects all who hold;
Motherhood needs brotherhood from the Big Brother of old
Who takes all your scars
And turns them to stars;
Who takes all your wins
Washed along with your sins
And makes warmth and life where should be only cold.
So now you can mother: strong, oaken, and bold.
The Brother who brings mom and child into his fold.

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